Support The Y

Build a STRONGER Community

 The Troy and Dollie Smith Family YMCA Strong Communities Campaign provides outreach and scholarships for those who need a helping hand. We offer a safe place for children and adults to share the values that unite our community--honesty, respect, responsibility and caring. Last year, more that 1,350 youth and families were assisted to join that experience totaling more that $125,000. This year, through our campaign, United Way dollars, and your support, we hope to reach even more.

Strengthening Kids-- The YMCA is Primed to focus on the obesity epidemic offering more programs with emphasis on health and exercise.

Strengthening Families-- The YMCA plays a pivotal role for hundreds of low-income familes. We provide family fitness programs, day camps, events, and a network of community programs designed to support working parents and keep family bonds strong.

Active Older Adults-- We provide the facilities and the low-cost fitness programming to help older adults stay healthy, active and socially engaged.

Please become a partner with our community and give as generously as you can. Every gift will help build a stronger community.